Where to Find Good Apartment Management Personnel

Today’s tight job market makes it difficult to find good apartment management personnel, especially for the entry-level positions. Currently about eighty percent of new hires come from similar positions at other apartment management companies. This means that not only is the applicant pool not large enough to meet current and future needs, but also that a number of these applicants do not have a stable job history. apartment management companies

This means that the apartment management industry must look in other areas in order to find good new personnel. For most apartment management positions at the entry-level customer service is an important requirement. Also, enthusiasm and loyalty to the company are very desirable in any employee. With this in mind, how and where are these people to be found?

One simple answer is by looking at the people encountered in daily life. Waiters and waitresses spend much of their time in customer service, and a good experience at a restaurant can be thought of as a mini-interview. This is especially true if you come after the rush hour for lunch or dinner, for then you see their character well into their workday. This is also the best time to have a five minute conversation with them, as they are not pressed into immediate service at other tables.

The best way to make an impression in such places is to leave a business card specifically designed for hiring in mind. It should have contact information to you personally, and also a brief description of the apartment management company. An attractive picture of one of the properties managed is also a good idea.

Another good calling card is a company newsletter, if your apartment management company produces one. Many apartment management companies now spend a good amount of time and money to produce a quality newsletter that looks much like a national magazine. Select an entertaining and informative issue, and keep a number of copies available to be given to prospective hires.

Attracting mid and senior level employees for apartment management personnel from other fields is not done often, and can yield very good results. One of the best areas to find new apartment management candidates is from the hotel industry. Advertising for higher level positions in their trade magazines can often bring rewarding results.

Another important and overlooked source is hiring from within. Apartment supervisors should be trained to make employee referrals when they have excellent employees. This is important for two reasons. First, it increases company loyalty, for many people will be more inclined to stay with a company if they hear about and see their coworkers climbing the career ladder. Second, these candidates have greater knowledge about the  management industry and the company in particular.



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